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Thank you CareAway, you made my job so much easier. Doctor had stepped out for a moment, and a patient came in flustered and stressed. He was grasping his abdomen, experiencing abdominal pain, with Care Away, I was able to call the doctor and have the client speak to him. The client was so happy, not only was he able to speak to the doctor but we were able to refer him to a pharmacy close by all by using CareAway platform.


Nathalie Bastien,

Provider assistant in a Pharmacy

This tool has really been an asset, not only we are able to provide solutions to our clients in time of crisis, but also reassures them that when they come to our location, we are equipped to handle event medical emergencies. We provide quality not only when having fun but also in case of emergencies.


Tashida Irish,

Patient assistant in a Hotel

I would really want to thank you for all your help during this difficult moment. The ability to see my loved one in real time and speak to the treating emergency doctor was really reassuring. I know that she was in good hands. We are very active people and we travel a lot and it’s good to know that there is something out there that can help in the event of medical crisis. I will definitely encourage my friends and family to sign up.


Claudette Connors,


Both my husband and I are retired. Between us, we have a pharmacy, but we still love to travel and enjoy life. Imagine my surprise when I was told that through CareAway we could get our prescriptions refilled and even schedule our checks either with our home doctor through telemedicine or with an experienced doctor at either of our destination who will keep our doctors back home informed with what’s going on with either of us. It’s comforting to know the fun never has to stop. Thank you CareAway!


Mr Edwin Wilson,


We were informed about CareAway service when our 3 years old daughter, Katia, on a trip to the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin got a high fever. As first-time parents, we contacted the front desk and asked them for a taxi to take us to the hospital.

The receptionist was very helpful by advising us to come to the receptionist office and she helped us to contact the CareAway Service.

There, the receptionist entered our Information, Name, Insurance, telephone number, Address, mother language, our daughters name & date of birth.

The receptionist was able to verify which doctor was online and within 2 minutes the doctor replied.

The doctor asked us how much was her fever and he informed us that he would be on his way to the Hotel.

The generalist came to the hotel room & he was very kind, courteous, professional and helpful to us as first-time parents. We were able to ask him questions and also, he was very patient with us.

The Doctor gave us a prescription and we were able to pick up her medicine.

Thank you, CareAway Service, for your quick and efficient Response


Mr Hunt,