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Telemedicine for travelers

CareAway is proud to offer innovative healthcare services tailor made for the tourism industry. With CareAway travel, seniors and travelers with health concerns can access both their own physicians as well as highly qualified healthcare providers who speak YOUR native language- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Travelers will benefit from the convenience and preventative care provided by Careway partners. Patients will no longer require coordinated transportation to off-site physicians allowing more time for vacation and less time addressing health concerns.

CareAway travel allows patients to access their physicians from the safety and comfort of their hotel rooms. Instant access to local physicians eliminates the need to wait for appointments. This allows both patients and companions to benefit from efficient preventative care.

Concerned travelers can request international expertise from local providers so that their needs can be efficiently met. INSTANT AND DIRECT access is the CareAway advantage!



Consultations from the comfort of hotel or state rooms

Travelers can meet their doctors via Telemedicine from the comfort of their rooms. It saves hours of time in preparing, traveling to, and waiting for their appointment.


Access multilingual doctors and nurse practitioners

Our telemedicine platform enables you to access providers that speak your language in real-time during regular office hours. We even offer translation services!

plan my careaway

Plan my careaway

When making travel plans, consider CareAway travel to protect your travel investment! Access and register today or visit one of our convenient locations. We bring healthcare to you.


Access to board-certified specialists*

CareAway provides access to board-certified specialists trained in international protocols. Specialties include dermatology, psychiatry, neurology, infectious diseases and many others. As a traveler, you are able to select specialists who speak YOUR native language!

How it works?


A Client experiences unexpected health issues on your premises and there is no doctor on site.


The designated Concierge registers the client’s vitals and initiates the Telemedecine call to a local physician from alternate location.


Physician can instantly refer the patient to a specialist for additional expertise.


GP and family member can join the Telemedicine session and interacts with patient and local providers.


Patient and treating physician demands are satisfied which reduces wait times and complications. Thus restoring confidence and relief.


Patient is offered the option for follow-up during his stay.

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