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Telemedicine for Clinics

Time is critical. CareAway for Clinics was designed to make care more comfortable and efficient.

CareAway provides instant access to multilingual and specialized physicians and case managers, which ultimately reduces the medical, financial and legal risk of patient care. Your clinic or pharmacy can benefit from this improved access to care giving you an advantage over the competition!



Solutions conceived and designed by physicians.

CareAway’s partnership with iDocsWeb joins two companies powered by practicing physicians. This real world experience allows CareAway to offer the most comprehensive healthcare available today.

better care

The Tools for Better Care.

While traditional Telemedicine companies aim to replace doctors, we aim to assist doctors. Our approach is simple and effective- we provide the tools needed for better care.


Realtime Consultation and expertise

Our solution seamlessly links your patients with their existing doctors or a doctor fluent in their language as well as family members regardless of physical location securing care transition.


Instant care Instant Coverage.

We bring off-site doctors and case managers to your patients at night and on weekends using the CareAway platform.


Specialists and subspecialist

Need a second opinion? Our specialists will assist your doctors in treating patients where it is safest and most convenient, without the need for transportation.


International Experts.

Psychologists, Pharmacist and even credit managers are chosen for their ability to assist residents and travellers in urgent medical situations.

How it works?


Urgent Care Facility receives an unexpected influx of patients without an adequate number of doctors on site.


Nurse requests doctor assistance from alternate location.


Nurse measures vitals and initiates telemedicine call using iDocsWeb.


Liaison Doctor joins telemedicine session and interacts with the patient, case managers and specialists.


Patient and treating physician requirements are satisfied; reducing wait times and complications while restoring confidence.


Patient is offered the option of Telemedicine for follow-up.


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