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Telemedicine for Caring Communities

Does your organization want to provide valuable healthcare assistance to its members? Is increasing your visibility and member satisfaction important to you? Are you interested in after-hour assistance customers visiting your business? Real-time access to Board Certified Specialists and healthcare experts is the key.



Access your own providers and medical professionals.

Use CareAway telemedicine to access your own affiliated doctors and nurse practitioners during regular office hours.


Access our doctors through Afterhours MD Coverage.

Do you need a healthcare provider during times of lapsed coverage? CareAway offers professional healthcare assistance during troublesome nights and weekends.


Access our board-certified specialists*

CareAway provides access to a network of board certified specialists via telemedicine. The specialties include wound care, psychiatry, neurology, infectious diseases and many others.


Reduce readmission rates and quicken the healing process

Timely and preventive care provided via telemedicine will significantly reduce hospital readmission rates- in some cases up to 50%. This helps your organization protect their members and increase customers’ engagement and wellbeing.


Boost member, patient and family satisfaction.

Real-time access to healthcare professionals and specialists allows members of your caring community to have superior clinical outcomes. This improves the satisfaction for not only the resident but also their family members using CareAway Family.


Industry leading low cost solution.

CareAway, powered by iDocsWeb, offers industry leading healthcare at a fraction of the industry standard.

How it works?


Member’s health condition changes requiring expertise not available on your premises.


An onsite trained medical assistant initiates the platform connection in the patient’s room.


Assistant measures patients vitals and initiates a teleVISIT call.


A Nurse joins telemedicine session and interacts with patient, family members or community providers and gives advice.


Nurse writes notes and registers the televisit encounter for replay.


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